claim management

In addition to the project management of the physical repairs to buildings, Sidera is able to provide our clients with an efficient insurance claim management service.  This service arose initially from our own in house needs to effectively manage claims and payments.  Frustrated with juggling spreadsheets, keeping track of the different spreadsheet versions and managing hard copies of invoices, we developed our own claim management system.  

Our approach was to build a system that enabled all parties to access the same information at any time including copies of all invoices and payments.  To achieve this we have developed a secure (https) online claim management software product called Galaxy.

Galaxy enables Sidera, clients, loss adjusters and insurers to:

  • View copies of invoices
  • Allocate costs to the various insurance events, eg 4 September, 22 February
  • Allocate costs to various claim types, eg material damage, business interruption
  • Record payments against specific invoices
  • Allocate insurance excesses to the appropriate events
  • Run multiple claims for customers who have multiple sites.

One of the benefits of Galaxy is that it brings a high level of transparency to the claim process.  All parties involved in the process can view the information that is relevant to them via customized access and permission levels.

If you are interested in learning more about this system and how it might help your claim, please email and register your interest and we will contact you.