project detail

montat holdings limited (55 Montreal St)

The superstructure was reinforced with
steel columns and cross bracing before
demolition of old floor slab.


New steel columns were tied into the
tilt slab panels.
A test pile was driven to 13.2 metres.
New foundation beams were laid in office area
supporting existing tilt slab walls.
The warehouse superstructure strengthening
was completed while the office foundation 
work was done. 
Screw piles installed in a trench prior to
laying foundation beams. Sixty-one piles
were driven to 13.2 metres each before
the slab was re-poured.


Tilt slab was repaired with crack injection.


In a staged process piles were installed
in the warehouse while the old floor slab 
was demolished.


The office area was repaired and fitted out.


A new warehouse mezzanine was built.